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Therapy Process



Thank you for taking interest in receiving MK/TCK counseling services with me. Due to scheduling limitations at this time I am usually available for therapy sessions on a case by case basis only and I do live in Texas (CDT) so please keep that in mind when we are scheduling appointments. I hope to in the future have more availability.

If you are wanting to work with a female therapist I apologize that I currently to do not have a referral available at this time.


The purpose of providing this service is to help provide low-cost/free counseling services to MKs/TCKs and their families. However, there are important operating costs associated with this service and I do ask that if you are able to that you make a donation as a means to help this ministry continue and grow. Your donation for services provided goes towards travel expenses for multiple annual conferences around the world where we can meet in person and engage in hands on therapeutic strategies, maintaining secure software for documentation as well as operating costs.

I currently am not billing insurance for services and provide services by donation. My current suggested donation is $65/session.


If you are able to give more or unable to give that much it will not affect services as I view these as a ministry to you and your family. If you are able to donate, please remember that any donation will go towards benefitting other MKs/TCKs who may not have the same means/funds as well as helping me to continue to provide services free of charge if possible.


Please do not let payment/donations deter you from seeking services. No MK/TCK family will be turned away due to this. Please contact me directly about if you have any questions regarding payment and we can discuss options.

Length of sessions

Sessions last approximately 50 minutes and will be conducted through secure video sharing software which is also HIPAA protected for your safety. Please be considerate of this timing as I often have sessions before/after and we want to be courteous of others’ time as well.

Clinical Notation

Notes will be taken at each session on progress made and are kept securely for your protection as well. If you would like to ever request copies of your therapeutic notes please contact me and we will discuss release of this information via signed copies of release of information forms.

Cancellation Policy

I generally request that you contact me 48 hours prior to a session to request cancellation of services. If you are unable due to technical difficulties I will discuss this with you on a case by case basis. If I am not notified of a cancellation within this 48 hour window I would ask that a donation be made in order to help re-coup the missed time.


If I have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances I will do my best to notify you within 24 hours of the appointment and no donation will be recommended and no payment will be charged to you.

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